Side Effects May Include

Consult a physician before watching.

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I’m not sure when I first heard about The Expendables, but I saw this trailer a few weeks ago. Never before had a trailer been so vague, yet made me want to see the movie more. I recently watched a more descriptive trailer. It did not really explain things much better, but it didn’t dampen my desire to see this smörgåsbord of unadulterated action. I can only assume it will be 90-120 minutes of mindless explosions and gunfire…which is exactly what I want it to be. I’m married with two daughters and a female dog. I am having a son later this year, but until then, I need an over the top action movie from time to time.

Speaking of manly man things, if you haven’t seen the personalized video the Old Spice Man has made recently, you must. Check out @oldspice or the Old Spice YouTube page for hours of non-stop laughter.


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