Variety is the Old Spice of Life

Hope this makes you "Monocle Smile."

Click comic to enlarge.

This strip plays off this commercial.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Old Spice videos are fantastic. Sadly, after three days of hilarity, it all ended Wednesday night. I highly recommend you take the time to watch the videos on the Old Spice YouTube channel. There are somewhere around 180 of these videos ranging from 15 seconds to about a minute. They are worth the time.

From a commercial/business perspective, this was absolute genius. The video addressed to Perez Hilton has been viewed 511,000+ times since it was posted Tuesday. While that one has been viewed many more times that other videos (who knows why?), it is fairly save to state that hundreds of thousands of people have watched these funny, little videos. I have watched every single one. It is just now occurring to me that I basically immersed myself in an hour and a half commercial and enjoyed very second of it. Old Spice was not shown or even mentioned in every single video, but the effect was the same. I know exactly what the intended purpose of this campaign was and I know it worked when my wife said, “we should get you some Old Spice.”

I hope other products take note and follow suit in this new business model. I would not be surprised if the approximately 90 minutes worth of YouTube videos cost less to produce than Old Spice’s latest TV commercial. Spend less on advertising, generate about the same amount of business and entertain everyone for days. Seems like a win-win to me.


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