The Devil Made Me Do It

The score isn't going to increase on its own.Click comic to enlarge.

I have never watched any of the Avatar show. It simply has not interested me. For that reason, I’ll probably not watch The Last Airbender. It has nothing to do with the critics. I never pay attention to what “experts” say in their reviews. I did once, but I figured out a long time ago that my tastes and opinions are not in line with the critics’ most of the time. The “reviews” I pay attention to come from my friends: People with whom I know I share common interests and opinions.

The funniest thing I’ve seen so far when it comes to The Last Airbender, through, was two different reviews I looked at. One said the movie was very faithful to the show, another said it was completely unfaithful. That being said, any review that said nothing about the TV show should be completely ignored because they have no idea what they are talking about.

Shifting gears to the punchline part of the strip, I am guilty of being an achievement whore, but I have not sunk so low as to play Avatar: The Burning Earth. This video shows just how little you have to try to get the full 1000 points for the XBox360 version of the game. It can literally be done within five to 10 minutes of putting the game into your machine.

Achievement and gamerscore and one of the main reasons I love the 360 so much. There is something extremely rewarding about seeing that notification and hearing that noise when you unlock an achievement. Call of Duty 4’s Mile High Club is still one of the achievements I’m proudest of. I did, in a moment of weakness, purchase Madden 06 at a GameStop for $2 because I knew it was an easy 1000 gamerpoints. That doesn’t make me any less proud of my gamerscore though.


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One Response to The Devil Made Me Do It

  1. Jennifer says:

    This is HILARIOUS Ryan! I love reading this strip! Maybe someday you’ll make it to the Sunday funnies! : )

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