All Your Joke Are Belong To Us

Just wait until he gets Rick Rolling.Click comic to enlarge.

Let’s begin with some references: This, ThisThis, This, and This (for the heck of it) should explain things if you are unfamiliar with them.

With the San Diego Comic Con happening last week and PAX coming up soon, I feel I too have been unable to get to that next level of geekdom by attending a major con. I guess I should just take some small steps, such as finding out when smaller cons are happening in my area. I supposed I could adopt meme-speak, but I don’t think it would go over well at work.

Speaking of work, I returned today. It wasn’t easy, but I had too. I did get some good news that the major publication I am in charge of doing, pretty much by myself, is being scaled back, but will run three times a year. That’s less work for me now, but possibly more work throughout the year. I think I’ll like it better though.

I mentioned last week I would give a report on my vacation. I thought it went really well. I didn’t do anything major. I just hung out at home with my family and relaxed. I watched movies, played video games, stayed up late and slept in. It was everything I could have wanted. My kids even slept in to help make the experience even better. But how do I know my vacation was truly a success? I raised my gamerscore by 1,180 points, that’s how. I played through Quantum of Solace, which is pretty fun by the way, and played a bunch of Gears of War. My friends and I knocked out most of the Horde-based achievement and racked up major xp in the process thanks to the 20x xp weekend.


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I just wanted to make a webcomic.
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