Fashion Crisis Adverted

Freaking insane clothing is in the eye of the beholder.Click comic to enlarge.

I had absolutely no reason to make a strip about Lady Gaga. I just didn’t have any better ideas for today. Still, I love that stupid joke and like to use it as often as I can. Sometimes I find myself being very obsessive about getting things correct. I had a moment like that today. I forced myself to listen to that song to figure out how many p-p’s I needed.

Help Wanted: Next month my boss is taking a two-week vacation. I will then have a lot of extra work to do. I’m looking suggestions for strips to do during that time. I’m going to have enough stuff to think about as it is. Send me some idea at or Twitter them to @guysonacouch. You also can suggest things as a fan on the Facebook page. I’ll be sure to credit you on the strip for the help if I use your idea. There’ll be about 2-3 weeks before that time so let others know. If there are a lot of good ideas, I might do bonus strips or extend the “guest strips” another week or so. I look forward to seeing your ideas.


About guysonacouch

I just wanted to make a webcomic.
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One Response to Fashion Crisis Adverted

  1. Jennifer says:

    Aw, I love Gaga! LOL

    Doing some thinking on possible subject matter . . .

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