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They really do know everything.Click comic to enlarge.

So today I dropped my oldest daughter off for her first day of Pre-K. My wife and I planned for your textbook first day emotions. Turns out it was unnecessary. She walked into the class, said hello to her teacher and sat down with some kids and started coloring. She was definitely more ready to be there than I was ready for her to be there. It’s been a quick four years.

I know some day she and her sister (who will go to head start next year) will feel as if they know better than my wife and I, but luckily I will have this strip for them to read and realize that we will always be a step or two ahead of them.

—–Children can skip to the next paragraph——
Of course, as parents, we always want our kids to keep trying to outsmart us and deep down we know one day they will. And on that day, we will know that we have done our jobs correctly.
——Secret Parent-Only Paragraph over———

Changing gears, I read today that Left 4 Dead was getting new DLC on Oct. 5. It sounds like it will be a pretty cool game add-on as it will work for both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. Here are more details on “The Sacrifice.”


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