An Air of Mystery

Look at this high-class humor.Click comic to enlarge.

Yep. It’s a fart joke. I felt like Monday’s strip was a bit heavy and wanted to lighten things up with some good, old-fashioned low-brow humor. And since I want to keep this relatively family-friendly, I went with flatulence.  Alright, moving on.

I’m still looking for suggestions for strip ideas during my boss’ vacation next month. Send me ideas through e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Monday night I unlocked the final two achievements I was missing on Borderlands. I’m sure I could have gotten them a long time ago, but my friends and I have been playing other things lately. After we finished and two of our party left, one of my friends and I began looking through their achievements to see what they were missing on the game.

It became clear very quickly that we needed to help them get their achievements. There is absolutely no reason it is necessary, but we both felt called to the mission. He and I share the same passion for unlocking achievements. We also feel about 75% as satisfied when we help someone else unlock and achievement.

The idea then began to roll around in my head of achievement coaching. A service that lets us help you get achievements. I seriously doubt anyone actually would pay for help getting achievements (at least not in a way that wouldn’t violate XBox’s TOS), but it’s a fun thought.

Anyway, if you need assistance unlocking achievements, especially on co-op games. I think I know of some guys that can help.

This leads me into another thought. As a person who does not have a PS3, can anyone explain to me the point of trophies? Can other people see what trophies you have unlocked? Is there a way to see if you have more platinum/gold/whatever trophies than your friends? It just seems to me that the feeling of accomplishment isn’t as high when you don’t see a cumulative total like with the 360’s gamerscore. Maybe I’m wrong. Let me know your thoughts.


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3 Responses to An Air of Mystery

  1. Gil says:

    In owning both systems I actually believe the opposite to be true. I feel a larger sense of accomplishment for trophies rather than achievements. Before I get into why, I’ll answer your questions first. Yes other people can see your trophies just like people can see your achievements. Yes you can compare the number of each type of trophy also. You can even log on via computer browser and compare with multiple people at the same time.
    Oh it doesn’t just show the amount of trophies, it shows a Trophy level and percentage to get to the next level. If you want, you can take a gander at my Trophies and Achievements on my page to see the difference. I don’t believe the level means anything other than giving you another goal to achieve.
    I guess for me the biggest difference is that Achievement points are just arbitrary numbers. There’s no goal in mind aside from getting the highest score you can. On the other hand Trophies show differing values depending on difficulty of the trophy in question rather than just showing higher points for the achievement. Bronze are pretty much handed to you while gold is much much more difficult. Oh and Achievements don’t have a Platinum equivalent. The only way to gain a Platinum trophy is to complete all other trophies in the game. This also gives a huge boost in percentage to the next Trophy level.
    These are some reasons I prefer trophies over achievements.
    Apologies for the long winded answer. Hope it clears things up for you.

  2. Susan says:

    For a moment there I thought you were talking about real life. Achievement coaching. Real life coaching, real life achievements. But,,,only for a moment.

  3. Susan says:

    HI guys on a couch

    I’m a FB friend of Jennifer DeMoss. Never met in person,,,but enjoy her posts and comments. (we met thru Fly Lady)She has mentioned you guys a couple of times and as I LOVE comics I have to say I have enjoyed the couple of time I have checked you guy(s?) out.

    Thanks for the humor you bring out.

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