Lend Me Your Ears

Can't talk now. Swabbing.Click comic to enlarge.

Really, who can resit a good ear cleaning? I know I can’t.

I’d considered doing today’s strip on the new vs. used games debate that has ignited recently, but decided the guys over at Penny Arcade really have got a handle on it. No need for the amateur to try and take over for the pros.

Basically, if you care, my feelings are this: 1) The price difference is not enough to convince me to buy used. If I buy something used, I expect it to be much, much cheaper. 2) I’ve seen how a lot of people treat their games. I don’t know where that used game has been or how it has been treated. 3) I think you should get something extra for buying the game new (ie. extra maps, etc), BUT that thing should not give you an unfair advantage (ie. better weapons, etc.)

Today begins the first of (at least) 11 weeks where my wife and I are usually not on the same page. It’s the start of high school football. I love football and this time of the year is one of the small perks of my job. My wife is just annoyed that I’m gone pretty much all day Friday. Oh well, it’s going to be fun for me anyway.


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I just wanted to make a webcomic.
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2 Responses to Lend Me Your Ears

  1. Gil says:

    All your points on used game purchasing I totally agree with. I don’t understand why the market is so good for used games. Just makes no sense to me.

  2. Pillsbury says:

    The only time I buy a used game is if it’s old and has easy achievements. The other reason to buy used is if the game can’t be found in any other store. Try to find a copy of King Kong for the 360 at Best Buy. Not that I want to buy King Kong but I certainly wouldn’t find it at Best Buy or WalMart if I did.

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