A Labor of Love

It also means football starts soon.Click comic to enlarge.

Ah, the Labor Day joke that must be made every single year in some form or another. Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.

Got some great news today. Borderlands will be increasing its level cap for free sometime around the end of October. What’s the new cap? As one of my friends put it: “In the immortal words of Bill and Ted: 69 dude!” There is no date yet for the increase and there is no date (that I’ve seen) for the upcoming new DLC. I would be tempted to wait for the DLC until the increase comes so I’m not wasting experience points. Guess I’ll just wait and see what happens.

My boss leaves for her two-week cruise on Wednesday, so I’m not sure when in the day I’ll be able to get new strips up. So I apologize for any late or missing strips over the next two weeks. This is fun, but it doesn’t pay the bills.


About guysonacouch

I just wanted to make a webcomic.
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