Shore Enough

Jersey Shore vs the WWE. I'd watch that.Click comic to enlarge.

I’ve never watch the Jersey Shore. So when my wife picked up one of the supermarket tabloids, I asked a typical man-type question, “Who is this Snooki person and why should anyone care?” Her response, “She on the Jersey Shore. And no one should care.” This is one of the many reason I love my wife.

She went on to mention a few other cast members from the show, including “The Situation.” My brain nearly exploded when she told me about this guy. In preparation for today’s comic, I traveled to Wikipedia and looked up the Jersey Shore and some of the cast members. I found this sentence: “His nickname “The Situation” is a reference to his six-pack abs.” WTF???? How does that even make sense to anyone?

I did watch a bit of Survivor the first couple of seasons it was on, but I’ve pretty much sworn off reality television. I do occasionally check out a show if it’s them involves one of my interests (The Ultimate Fighter and WCG Ultimate Gamer, being the main two). It just seems to me that reality TV to more fake than fictional television.

Oh yeah, the NFL started last night. All things are now as they should be.


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I just wanted to make a webcomic.
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