Grant Me The Serenity

Where my Browncoats at?Click comic to enlarge.

So first off, I’ve watched Firefly through about three times so far, followed each time by a viewing of Serenity, and each time it really does fell like I’ve lost a friend when it’s all over. Why must all the good shows be so short lived?

Death is kind of on my mind today. We had a local state trooper die in an accident earlier this week and his funeral is today. I did not know him real well, but I know he was extremely well respected and loved in the community. I find myself feeling very saddened by the loss, even though I barely knew him, and I think it’s because everyone around me is so upset by it. It’s kind of an odd philosophical/psychological paradox. Anyway, just getting that off my mind.

Lots of stuff going on this weekend around here. It’s the town’s big homecoming celebration they do every 5 years as well as some big festival the chamber of commerce is putting on. Certainly going to keep me busy, which is disappointing because I just bought Dragon Age.

Speaking of video games, I saw today that Borderlands will add 250 points worth of achievements with the new DLC that releases Tuesday. For achievement whores such as myself and my friends, this was excellent news.


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I just wanted to make a webcomic.
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