Like Peas in a Podcast

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So, this is basically a conversation I had with myself this morning. I have a few podcasts I listen to on a regular basis and most of them sounds like the people are having a great time. There are a couple that sound a bit forced, but they are new.

I would love to have the opportunity to record a podcast, but I have absolutely nothing I could do it on. “Welcome to the poorly designed webcomic podcast.” That about the closest I could get, I think. It’s not that anyone would care about my opinion anyway. Oh well. Maybe something will come together someday.

I am not sure what I going to happen with the strip on Friday. I am going to see my sister and nephew, who live about 18 hours away. They are visiting the college I went to (about 3 hours from here) and we’re going to meet in the middle for lunch Friday. I am going to try and get a strip done tomorrow to post on Friday, but if not it will either be late or non-existent. Just giving fair warning.


About guysonacouch

I just wanted to make a webcomic.
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