Faster than a speeding bullet in slow motion.Click comic to enlarge.

I had some mixed thoughts when I heard that Zack Snyder was attached to the Superman reboot. I am a big fan of Snyders movies. Dawn of the Dead, 300 and Watchmen are some of my favorite flicks ever.

My concern was this: didn’t they just do a Superman reboot? Apparently a Spiderman reboot also is in the works. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, it seems like they are trying to squeeze a much profit out of a beloved character as they can. On the other, the way technology is advancing, it would be cool to see the characters with all the new stuff movie land can offer. (Except 3D. Because really, screw that.)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’ve got a lot of stuff planned, but it should all be fun.


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I just wanted to make a webcomic.
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