Call It, This Is Not India Day

Clap around a Ford Focus.Click comic to enlarge.

Federal “holidays” drive me nuts. Especially days like Columbus Day. It makes me wonder if any other countries (not formed in the past 250 years) have a day recognizing the person who supposedly discovered the country.

I am all for giving people who made important contributions, which shaped the country, a day where they can be remembered and recognized, but does the government really have to shut down for it?

My birthday occasionally falls on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I know he was a great guy, who helped make some very needed changes and I liked getting my birthday off school once in a while, but I would still like to get my mail.

Enough of my ranting. Have a good day and enjoy your Columbus Day barbecue. You’re not having one? Well, then it’s clearly not a holiday is it.


About guysonacouch

I just wanted to make a webcomic.
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