It’s Pushing My Buttons

The feature is a bug.Click comic to enlarge.

Aside from using it make calls, text and keep my schedule, the primary use of my phone (a T-Mobile Dash 3G) is as an audio player. I listen to a lot of audio books and podcasts when I travel for my job. It really helps pass the time.

This leads me to the stupid freaking camera button on my phone. If that thing gets pushed, it closed out the media player and opens the camera. I then have to scroll through the audio to get back to where I was. Sometimes that can be an hour or more worth of the track.

It has become the bane of my existence. I’ve looked and looked and there doesn’t seem to be a way to remap or disable the button. If anyone knows a way to fix this (that doesn’t require me to disassemble my phone) PLEASE let me know.

I have an extra child in my house this weekend. We’re babysitting for my wife’s sister. Her daughter and our oldest daughter are the same age, 4. Basically, what I’m getting to is I may have gone crazy by the end of the weekend. If not, see you on the other side.


About guysonacouch

I just wanted to make a webcomic.
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