There Is No Silver Spoon

I need a good idea like the hula hoop.Click comic to enlarge.

I’m 28. I know it’s not that old, but it sure feels a lot older when I realize how many people there are who are way more successful than me and are much younger. When did that happen?

I’m not asking to be a billionaire or anything…just a comfortable multimillionaire. Unfortunately I think hard work just doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to “know somebody” in order to get ahead. Okay, I’m just going to wrap it up there, because I’m depressing myself. Maybe I’m just a pessimist about it.

Finally got a chance to play The Sacrifice for Left 4 Dead 2 yesterday. It’s really good. If you have the game and enjoy it, it’s a must buy.


About guysonacouch

I just wanted to make a webcomic.
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One Response to There Is No Silver Spoon

  1. HP Comic says:

    Great comic 🙂

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