(IS)P’d Off

Oh well, all my teams are losing anyway.Click comic to enlarge.

So I was pretty mad about this when I started making this strip, but by the end, I realized if I really wanted to watch a specific sporting event, I can probably find a television to watch it on. Most of the stuff I’d be really interested in is stuff that probably isn’t even offered online.

Basically, it was another opportunity to complain about my less than adequate internet service provider. Not that I needed another reason, mind you, it’s more about piling on to the mountain of complaints.

I’m looking forward to really trying out the new dashboard later. It has some issues updating some stuff like Netflix, but I’m pretty sure that was because there are a million other people trying to do it at the same time. If it’s still an issue later, then I’ll address it.

The primary reason for the update was to make the machines function with Kinect. I will be getting a Kinect sometime, but it won’t be real soon. I’m not really a first generation tech buyer. That and I don’t have any extra money right now.

I’m excited to use Kinect, but I doubt I’ll use it for gaming. There are just so many little features that it’s too useful not to have. My kids, however, will probably have a new toy for sure.  There will be some great games and activities for them, but me, not so much.


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I just wanted to make a webcomic.
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