A Pile of BcS

I know I'm angrier than I should be.Click comic to enlarge.

I love Oklahoma. The state, the university, all of it. That being said, I could not believe it when I saw that Oklahoma was number one in the first BCS rankings. I should be happy about it, but I’m just so bothered by the system that it irritates me to see other good teams get pushed down the line because of a computer.

This isn’t the first time the BSC has worked in OU’s favor. Two years ago it helped send the Sooners to the national championship, despite a loss to Texas. A few years ago, it sent them to the national championship despite a loss in the Big 12 championship game.

It doesn’t make any sense to me that humans can rank teams one way, but a computer, jumbling random statistics and numbers, can override those polls.

I know I am making a much bigger deal about this than I should, considering I am a Sooner fan. I’m sure people in Oregon are way more upset about it than I am. I guess this is just a case of “we can’t win for winning.”

Someone please implement a college playoff system.

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It’s Pushing My Buttons

The feature is a bug.Click comic to enlarge.

Aside from using it make calls, text and keep my schedule, the primary use of my phone (a T-Mobile Dash 3G) is as an audio player. I listen to a lot of audio books and podcasts when I travel for my job. It really helps pass the time.

This leads me to the stupid freaking camera button on my phone. If that thing gets pushed, it closed out the media player and opens the camera. I then have to scroll through the audio to get back to where I was. Sometimes that can be an hour or more worth of the track.

It has become the bane of my existence. I’ve looked and looked and there doesn’t seem to be a way to remap or disable the button. If anyone knows a way to fix this (that doesn’t require me to disassemble my phone) PLEASE let me know.

I have an extra child in my house this weekend. We’re babysitting for my wife’s sister. Her daughter and our oldest daughter are the same age, 4. Basically, what I’m getting to is I may have gone crazy by the end of the weekend. If not, see you on the other side.

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The Real Decision 2010

I approve this comic.Click comic to enlarge.

Yes, I have filled out a bracket at GameFAQs. No, I was not disappointed to not see Bulletproof. My top game, for those who care, was Half-Life 2. It was such a groundbreaking game when it was released and it’s still fun to play today.

The toughest decision I had was in the quarterfinal round. Half-Life 2 vs Fallout 3. Both are outstanding games, but I had to so with the one I thought provided the most to the gaming world.

If you are a fan of video games, I suggest you swing by and fill one out. It’s all in good fun. I think there might be prizes for the top brackets, but I can’t guarantee that.

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Call It, This Is Not India Day

Clap around a Ford Focus.Click comic to enlarge.

Federal “holidays” drive me nuts. Especially days like Columbus Day. It makes me wonder if any other countries (not formed in the past 250 years) have a day recognizing the person who supposedly discovered the country.

I am all for giving people who made important contributions, which shaped the country, a day where they can be remembered and recognized, but does the government really have to shut down for it?

My birthday occasionally falls on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I know he was a great guy, who helped make some very needed changes and I liked getting my birthday off school once in a while, but I would still like to get my mail.

Enough of my ranting. Have a good day and enjoy your Columbus Day barbecue. You’re not having one? Well, then it’s clearly not a holiday is it.

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Faster than a speeding bullet in slow motion.Click comic to enlarge.

I had some mixed thoughts when I heard that Zack Snyder was attached to the Superman reboot. I am a big fan of Snyders movies. Dawn of the Dead, 300 and Watchmen are some of my favorite flicks ever.

My concern was this: didn’t they just do a Superman reboot? Apparently a Spiderman reboot also is in the works. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, it seems like they are trying to squeeze a much profit out of a beloved character as they can. On the other, the way technology is advancing, it would be cool to see the characters with all the new stuff movie land can offer. (Except 3D. Because really, screw that.)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I’ve got a lot of stuff planned, but it should all be fun.

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Like Peas in a Podcast

Taking sponsors now.Click comic to enlarge.

So, this is basically a conversation I had with myself this morning. I have a few podcasts I listen to on a regular basis and most of them sounds like the people are having a great time. There are a couple that sound a bit forced, but they are new.

I would love to have the opportunity to record a podcast, but I have absolutely nothing I could do it on. “Welcome to the poorly designed webcomic podcast.” That about the closest I could get, I think. It’s not that anyone would care about my opinion anyway. Oh well. Maybe something will come together someday.

I am not sure what I going to happen with the strip on Friday. I am going to see my sister and nephew, who live about 18 hours away. They are visiting the college I went to (about 3 hours from here) and we’re going to meet in the middle for lunch Friday. I am going to try and get a strip done tomorrow to post on Friday, but if not it will either be late or non-existent. Just giving fair warning.

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Strategical Error

The price of experience doesn't include shipping.Click comic to enlarge.

I know the best argument for strategy guides is the convenience. However, with today’s technology-heavy society, it’s really not that big of a deal anymore. As with most issues, I am not going to berate anyone for their opinion, I’ll simply provide mine, with my point of view.

I simply can’t bring myself to pay for something that 1) Is not absolutely needed and 2) I can get for free somewhere.

I know there are some games that are extremely complex and often are unclear as to what exactly you are supposed to do (I’m looking at you RPGs), but rarely will you find a game that is just unadvanceable without a guide. That being said, I do use guides from time to time, but I’ve never bought one.

With as many gaming sites are out there now, it’s near impossible to not find what you’re looking for. Gamefaqs.com is the primary source for information, but there are many out there.

Again, I have nothing against people who buy guides, it’s just not for me.

So, it’s Monday again. Good luck with that.

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