I Learned It By Watching You

Play games, don't do drugs.Click comic to enlarge.

My oldest daughter is currently experiencing her first Red Ribbon Week. I’ll be interested to see what she has to say tonight. So far, all it has meant to her is she get’s to wear all red clothes today. Tomorrow, she get’s to wear boots.

As a parent, I’m very happy to have an anti-drug message being given from multiple sources. As a smart parent, I realize that it’s still my job to make sure she understands it. As a gamer, it’s my job to make sure she understands that video games are not a problem in any fashion…unless they’re bad.

As far as I know, no one has actually tried to put drugs and video games in the same “this is bad for you” message, but I know there are people out there who would put them on the same level…for some stupid reason.

I looked over the NFL matchups yesterday and didn’t see anything that particularly interested me so I spent most of yesterday playing games and watching other TV. As is my habit, I watch all the game highlights online this morning. I probably missed the best week of football ever. It was crazy. There were all sorts of upsets and records set. Guess that’ll teach me.

I downloaded The Sacrifice for Left 4 Dead 2 a while back, but still haven’t played it. I was going to play it on lunch today, but then I remembered it came with the No Mercy campaign from L4D1 and decided I’d try that out. I can’t even count how many time’s I’ve played No Mercy, but it was like a new experience with all the L4D2 weapons and specials.

A friend of mine recently got L4D2 so I imagine that will rekindle my interest in it. I just have to get my group of friends to download the new DLC so I can actually play it.

Still waiting on the Borderlands patch……………..


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